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In under a decade the way we as a society have come to interpret a collective has changed radically. The widespread proliferation of collective intelligence has not only brought on a renaissance for group-powered thought but also paved the way for a new age of digitally enabled knowledge generation.

The positive reception to this growth has been profound, with think tanks and other thought generation outfits seen across a truly wide span of industries, with more joining the ranks every day.

Of particular interest are the sectors whose means of innovation have been historically unmoving in this regard. They too have felt the driving force of the collective intelligence industry, helping them create sorely needed thought and discourse and then using that momentum to drive future advances. …

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All outfits, including collective intelligence think tanks, must grow and expand over time.

This is a sentiment that’s proven true again and again, as the push for a sense of agency in the world is something that every business seeks to tap into.

To have a greater impact is to make a bigger difference, and to make a bigger difference is to enrich the lives of more people throughout the world. This is the mantra of many collectives who seek to push thought boundaries and create knowledge as a positive process-driven think tank.

Yet a phenomenon also seen throughout the world is the drastically short lifespan of the average collective intelligence outfit, a puzzling situation that warrants further investigation. …

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Collective intelligence has grown up in the digital age.

From its humble roots in crowdsourced ideas and small-scale think tanks, the ability for thousands of people around the world to tackle a single issue is one that’s changing the way that thought and knowledge are generated.

However, the online realm comes with its own set of unique drawbacks, and the one that’s felt the most is without a doubt the complete loss of face-to-face interaction.

Which is why it’s time for the collective intelligence industry to look to the past and create its own specialised physical forum for the good of its future. …

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