All around us COVID-19 is proving that traditional businesses are ready to begin permanently digitising

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Bruce Muirhead
5 min readMay 26, 2020


Hard times are ahead and no amount of staying the course and flattening the curve can change what the future holds for our business sectors throughout the world. We’re in uncharted waters and what comes next is something that can only be left to the most cautious of speculation as we begin to rebuild from this crisis.

To say that jobs have been impacted globally would be perhaps an understatement so large that it rivals the size of the epidemic. Jobs have been lost and more jobs will be lost, that much is clear. But for those still working it’s also a tenuous time. Finding the right balance between business as usual and augmenting the way they go about operating, only with stakes set much higher than usual by current circumstances.

But there is some positive progress that’s come out of these troubling times.

Throughout COVID-19 we’ve proven one thing unequivocally both as people and as a global business community.

We’re just as adaptable as our ancestors once were, just in a different way.

Think about how quickly we acclimatised ourselves to working, communicating and thriving entirely via digital means under strict lockdown laws.

We took our business operations online in record time, with some organisations (admittedly those who had already begun to invest in remote infrastructure for other means) up and running at near full capacity mere weeks after the lockdowns were announced.

We’ve shown ourselves and each other that we’re all capable of learning, teaching, brokering deals and operating in very strange circumstances and this is without a doubt a positive thing for everyone.

Because these skills will be vital in the future, not just for the next crisis, but every single day.

What we’re experiencing right now is the digital convergence that many academics theorised would be arriving in a couple of decades, only it’s here a lot earlier than expected. Fast-tracked by a crisis we never saw coming, but regardless a catalyst for a mass shift to the digital-based running of businesses.



Bruce Muirhead

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