How collective intelligence practices can help keep companies stay afloat against COVID-19

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Decentralising the structure of traditional businesses and promoting autonomy not guided entirely by top to bottom governance is seeing many companies through the rough seas of this crisis.

Adaptation is the natural state of all companies who experience some kind of hardship that directly impacts how they do business. Think of examples like restaurants, cafes and bars opening their kitchens to provide take-home meals, or industrial part suppliers refitting 3D printers to create much needed medical supplies.

This idea of a decentralised workforce, given the freedom to act for the betterment of the conglomerate it exists within, is a radical departure from the corporate practices of old.

In a traditional corporate structure, the role of those not at the top of the company is likened to that of a cog in a machine, reliant on those around them to do as they do for the betterment of all.

Mindhive | ex — Eidos, Boilerhouse, Basement, Margaret Marr | Speaker, Author | Bringing the shared economy to problem-solving #collectiveintelligence

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