How post-COVID fear is proving that thought leaders may soon be in short supply.

Thinking Clearly

Bruce Muirhead
5 min readJun 2, 2020


If there’s one thing that has proven to be in desperately short supply these past few months, it’s leadership.

That’s not to say that those leaders we do have aren’t doing everything they can to forge a path forward that makes the best of this terrible situation.

But rather that there simply aren’t enough thought leaders getting their voice out there and helping to supplement the guidance given by governments and other such authorities.

This is a systemic problem that has reared its ugly head many times in past, however this time it’s different.

Because the means by which the thought leaders spread their knowledge has been placed under threat by COVID-19.

Once upon a time, we packed into a crowded auditorium or lecture space to hear bright minds and inspirational speakers share their experience as well as their thoughts. Now social distancing and other such laws have made this impossible.

Because of this, we’re staring down the barrel of a future where thought leadership is unable to reach those who need it most and this is a worrying prospect for us all.

Which is why it’s critical that thought leaders quickly find a way to restore their voice in societal discourse.

Some might say this isn’t a problem and point to the fact that the digital age is empowering thought leadership to leave behind its physical roots.

Humans as a species are stronger in groups, this is indeed the very basis on which the concept of a ‘community’ is built. Which is why the power of an in-person speech is something that can’t just be forgotten overnight.

Not to mention that to simply say thought leaders should abandon the power and impact of an in-person performance betrays the very meaning of what being a leader is.

Add to this further that at time of writing COVID-19 still rages around the globe. Meaning a digital revolution amongst thought leaders would take many away from much-needed work in other areas during this troubling time.



Bruce Muirhead

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