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Bruce Muirhead
5 min readJul 2, 2020

‘AI-Driven’, it’s a phrase we’ve added to more and more of our lives throughout this past decade. Not just when discussing phones, personal computers and cars, — but thought, theory and conjecture as well.

Regardless of where it has found a home though, the simple fact of the matter is that AI has assimilated with enough systems now to truly be seen as a force for change.

And this populational uptake is why the time has come to open up more of AI development to people from non-tech backgrounds.

The narrative surrounding artificial intelligence is one that reflects much of what we commonly associate with the peak of scientific and technological advance. That is to say that it’s the realm of digital geniuses, so far along the cutting edge that the pursuits of so-called tech gods are now near indecipherable to the common man.

This is not only disingenuous to many people who work with AI-driven systems outside of the technology sphere but sets a dangerous narrative for the future growth of the artificial intelligence sector.

Stagnation is equivalent to death in the tech landscape, this is a truth seen in the demise of everything from outdated apps, to digital music purchases lapsing in the face of streaming.

What could possibly have saved these bygone relics was innovation from parties outside the tech sphere.

This isn’t to say that people from other professional backgrounds should replace the coders, devs and tech experts who actively develop these AI-driven systems. Instead, the answer lies in opening the form to input from other skillsets and finding new ways for them to contribute.

The merit to this idea is clear, as in past AI-driven systems have struggled in their ability to rationalise themselves to their audience.

To many, the concept of AI is little more than robots doing the thinking for us. This is a narrow scope of view that could affect both the uptake and viability of future AI systems.



Bruce Muirhead

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